The Firstborn Gods of Akara

It bears noting that the evil gods of the Firstborn pantheon were summarily defeated by the Ancient Elder Ones. This was the result of a highly unstable alliance among the evil gods who attempted to curry power by making a play in to overthrow the newcomers. The result was the total destruction of several evil deities among the firstborn. It is rumored that the wicked Ollam-Onga, god of Death and Magic, may have survived and remains in hiding. The rest, however, abandoned Akara. Their whereabouts are unknown.

Deity Portfolio Titles Alignment Domains
Ibis Knowledge, Balance, Foresight, Prophecy, Skill The Uncaring, Lord of All Knowledge, The Prophet, The Scribe Unaligned Fate, Knowledge, Skill
Anu Spring, Beauty, Arts, Arcane Magic, Fey, Eladrin, Gnomes Creator of the Elves, Protector, Protector and Preserver of Life, Ruler of All Fey Unaligned Arcana, Skill, Wilderness
Melora Forests, Woodlands, Flora, Fauna, Fertility, Oceans, Seas, Deserts, Elves, Shifters Melora of the Forests and Seas, Wavemistress, Earthmother, Queen of the Depths, Lady of the Plains Unaligned Life, Sea, Wilderness
Ashtoreth Horizons, Distance, Travel, Roads, Change, Freedom, Halflings Lady Luck, The Maiden, Traveler, Dweller on the Horizon Good Change, Freedom, Luck
Mitra Chivalry, Justice, Honor, War, Daring, Valor Lord of the North Wind, Chainbreaker Lawful Good Hope, Justice, Protection
Kord Athletics, Sports, Strength, Courage, Storms, Goliaths, Half-Orcs The Brawler, The Bull God Unaligned Storm, Strength, War
Moradin Dwarves, creation, smithing, protection, metalcraft, stonework Soul Forger, Dwarffather, the All-Father, the Creator Lawful Good Creation, Earth, Protection
Sehanine Moon, Autumn, Trickery, Illusions, Love, Gnomes Daughter of the Night Skies, Goddess of Moonlight, the Lunar Lady, Moonlit Mystery, the Mystic Seer, the Luminous Cloud, Lady of Dreams Unaligned Love, Moon, Trickery
The Raven Queen Death, Fate, Doom, Winter Fateweaver, Doomsayer, She of the Shadowed Tomb, The Forgotten One Unaligned Death, Fate, Winter
Asura Sun, Light, Strength, Healing, Summer, Agriculture, Devas The Sun Father, the Shining One Good Hope, Life, Sun
Ishtar Civilization, Invention, Cities, Laws, Judgement, Humans Keeper of Law, Wonderbringer, Judge, The Cornerstone Unaligned Civilization, Creation, Justice

The Ancient Elder Gods, or the Usurpers

“The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, and the Old Ones ever shall be. Not in the spaces we know, but between them. They walk serene and primal, undimensioned, and to us unseen. Yog-Sothoth knows the way, He knows where the Old Ones broke free of of old, and where they still tread them, and why no one can behold them as they tread.”

- The Necronomicon

Deity Portfolio Titles Alignment Domain
Azag Evil, Madness, Chaos, Death The Mad God, The Idiot God, Amorphous King of Ancients, The Uknowing, The Dreamer Chaotic Evil Change, Madness, Strife
Cthulhu Evil, Death, Destruction, Water The Great, The Lurker Below, Ruler of the Vast Water, The Sleeping God, King of R’lyeh Chaotic Evil Civilization, Darkness, Sea
Lolth Chaos, Destruction, Drow, Evil, Spiders, Poison The Bitch Queen, Queen of Spiders, Dark Mother, Lady of Lusts, The Lady of Chaos Evil Poison, Torment, Vengeance
Set Chaos, Destruction, Madness, Magic, Trickery The Crawling Chaos, God of a Thousand Faces, The Masked One, God of Illusion Chaotic Evil Arcana, Madness, Trickery
Shub-Niggurath Animal, Chaos, Evil, Earth, Plant Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young, Magna Marta (“Great Mother”), The Fecund Unaligned Earth, Life, Wilderness
Yog Chaos, Luck, Protection, Travel The Lurker at the Threshold, Lord of the Empty Abodes Unaligned Change, Fate, Luck
Chthuga Chaos, Fire Fiery Deep One Chaotic Evil Destruction, Storm, War
Dagon Chaos, Water Father Dagon, The Dreaming God, Watery Deep One Chaotic Evil Strife, Torment, Sea
Ithaqua Chaos, Air, Evil The Thing that Walks on Wind, Wendigo Chaotic Evil Destruction, Storm
Shudde M’ell Chaos, Earth The Burrower Beneath, Goddess of G’harne Unaligned Darkness, Earth, Strength
Zath Chaos, Death, Evil The Charnel God, God of Ghouls Chaotic Evil Tyranny, Death, Undeath
Hanuman Chaos, Animals, Hunting, Destruction, Strength The Hunter, Lord of the Great Abyss, Master of the Wild, Beastgod Unaligned Destruction, Strength, Wilderness
Jhebbel Sag Destruction, Knowledge, Magic Lord of the 7 Geases, Writer of Forbidden Tomes, Eldritch Wright, Prime Necromancer Evil Arcana, Skill, Knowledge
Yun Animals, Death, Protection, Trickery Father of Serpents, Giver of Unhallow Visions, Poisoner, Snake God Evil Poison, Trickery, Wilderness


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