Akaran characters are regularly subjected to horrific experiences. To reflect this, a Madness system is implemented.

Certain spells (e.g. contact other plane, symbol, etc) may cause insanity. Various features in Akara (e.g. The Howling Wind, the Bog-Madness) are also able to inflict madness.

Resisting the effects of Madness requires a Sanity Saving Throw.

The effects of Madness are varied. They may be short, medium, or long term. Or a character may go indefinitely mad. While the effects for short to long term are bad enough, some effects can bring about character flaws.

Madness may be cured. The spell calm emotions can suppress the effects, while lesser restoration can rid a character or short- or long-term madness. Depending on the madness’ source, the spells remove curse or dispel evil may also prove effective. Greater restoration or better is required to cure indefinite madness.


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