“The Jewel of Man”

At a Glance:

Azag Thoth is the center of Akara. It is the hub of civilization, and the model of Akaran society. It is here that Akara’s most prevalent race, human beings, flourish and thrive. It is a massive metropolis that sprawls a mile in every direction. Here the aristocracy live and scheme in decadence and the poor die of starvation. Cutpurses, vagabonds, thieves, and brigands prowl the city’s underbelly whilst equally corrupt officials rule above.

Crowned by the glittering Palace of Iranon, the city boasts towering walls, paved roads, and a water and sewage system unrivaled in all the land. In the richest quarters, bubbling fountains play, temples soar high, and merchants vend the highest quality wares. In the poor quarters brothels abound, money lenders pinch the purses of the poor, and criminal organizations operate with indemnity. The dock ward is a flurry of activity at all but the deepest night hours, and all trade routes begin and end in Azag Thoth.

Founded a millennium ago, Azag Thoth is the remnant of a glorious and beautiful city. It had a different name the, but only the most ancient of texts remember that long forgotten name. Upon its ruins was built its pale shadow. Azag Thoth is great, but decomposing from within. It glitters like a diamond on the outside with its rich streets, bourgeois society, and constant development. However, it rots from the inside; the core is putrid. Corrupt officials, unbridled crime, and rapidly escalating poverty levels may lay the city low.

How long can the bright Jewel of Man shine with impunity?


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