Items of Power

Necronomicon: A fabled book of incredible power, the Necronomicon is a decidedly evil tome. Used to create and enhance the Worldrift, this is the book the sorcerous lich used to call forth the Chaos Gods into the Realm. It has supposedly been lost to the annals of history and time.

The Scrolls of Skelos: Scrolls of immense power, they are linked to the Dreaming God, Dagon. They date back to the Olden Akara, when the evil empire of Acheron dwelled in the North.

Seals of the Godhold: These are the discs sealing in the gods of Akara into their prison. Made of an otherworldly material derived from pure Chaos-stuff, they are indestructible by any mortal means.

The Shining Sword of Asura: A long-forgotten artifcact once carried by the paladins of the Sun God, this sword is said to have been the one used by the High Priest of Asura to smite a nefarious lich in days long past. It is rumored to have been given to the knighthood by Asura himself, though no one alive can corroborate this.

Black Lotus: This magical plant, found only in the deadly Marshes of Melancholy, is full of wondrous properties. It is a deadly poison, a vision-inducing psychedelic, and prime ingredient in demon-summoning.

Demon-Fire of Acheron: This old and subtle, yet powerful, demon-fire recipe is loaded into a glass orb. Hailing from the old Acheronian empire, the secrets to its fabrication are jealously guarded

Kothic Demon-Fire: A small glass orb is filled with a deadly combination of alchemical substances that ignite in heat and flame. It is an attempt at reproducing the enigmatic Acheronian Demon-Fire. While effective, it is not the original.

Items of Power

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