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Welcome to Akara, Travellers!

Here within shalt thou find all which thou needst to journey confidently in knowledge within the harsh lands of Akara.

Many and varied are the reasons for being here. Shouldst thou need to know the gray history of our dismal home, it may be found here. Or if thou understandst not the time-keeping of this land, our astrologers have painstakingly recorded this information.Mayhap thou hast found a dusty tome which needs be deciphered, the knowledge of the Old World is not lost. All may be found within the pages of this tome, so fear not!

Make doubly sure that thou consultest the cartographical information held within, as knowing whence thou cames’t and whither thou goest may be of vital importance to thee. These are dark times, and only those armed with knowledge and strength may survive.

And never allow thyself to forget, dearest sojourner, to “stoop not down unto the darkly shaded Abyss.”

Soultender Vaylen Orntah, Loremaster
Month of Long Cold 17, 4558 mcD, 150 PR

Home Page

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