Events of Import in Akara

Pre-Rift (0 – 2050 Mcd)


0 Mcd

In the beginning, the gods came from another plane. They saw the formless planet, and shaped Akara from it. Then they made Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings.

The Coming of Men

ca. 200 Mcd

It was in those days of creation, not many millenia after the Elves discovered magic, that Man came to Akara. They were brought as refugees from a dying world on another plane by the goodly gods of Akara.

The First War of Kingdoms

ca. 467 Mcd

After the races had matured, they formed kingdoms. The lure of power became too strong, and the Three Nations warred against one another. The halflings’ kingdom was utterly destroyed, and the Elves retreated into seclusion. The Dwarves followed suit by burrowing far under their mountain homes. Men claimed the surface, and the halflings became nomadic gypsies.

The Second War of Kingdoms

ca. 1000 Mcd

This was a war of preservation. Each of the races feared the incursion of the other. However, the humans in their typically rash fashion, instigated another war. This further increased enmity between the races.

The Great Concord

2050 Mcd

After the Second War, the races were further decimated. This caused tension to flare, and the races did not speak or contact one another. This was not universal, but it was prevalent. Trade slowed to a crawl, commerce slipped, and all were in need. Thus it was that after a millenium of strife, the races met in a Grand Council and a peace was wrought between them. This soon kindled old flames of friendship, and the races ever lived peacefully thereafter.

The Time of Peace, or the Golden Age (2051 Mcd – 3999 Mcd)

This was an era of unparalleled peace and prosperity. The sciences, arts, and technologies of Akara advanced, as did the relationships of the kingdoms. This era is often called the Golden Age.

Riftwars (4000 Mcd – 4350 Mcd)

The Worldrift

4000 Mcd

Peaceful centuries passed on Akara, and most everything dwelled in relative tranquility. This was to change with the opening of the Worldrift, however.

Through the malice of the demi-lich Nerukul and his cohorts, a portal to the Plane of Chaos was opened. Through it emerged the foul beasts of many planes; some of these coterminous with the Prime Material. The ultimate, foulest goal, however, was the summoning of the Ancient Elder Gods. These were vastly powerful and evil beings of ancient origin on the primordial Chaos Plane.

The Great Battle

4001 Mcd

The Alliance of Men, Dwarves, Elves, and Halflings marched to the desert of the Worldrift, and bravely battled the hordes. They were ultimately bested in a final, destructive blast, however. Many thousands perished on that day. The Gods of Chaos came through the portal unimpeded. A small band of adventurers attempted to destroy the lich, and while successfull, were ultimately destroyed. The High Priest of Pelor, Timmaeus, smote the lich, but in his death, the lich released the Ancient Elder Gods.

The Sundering

4050 Mcd

The Firstborn gods of Akara knew their very rule was being threatened, so they mustered their forces and descended from their homes on high. The gods-good and evil alike-waged war on the new foe that threatened them all. Akara suffered in this battle, and the earth was shattered. New mountains were cast up, old ones thrown down. Seas were washed onto the land, and the rivers boiled. Unfortunately, the Firstborn were not powerful enough to stop the ancient evil of the Elder Gods, and were imprisoned. Several of the evil deities fled the battle, leaving their brethren stranded. Some of these deities, being unessential, were consumed. Yet others are rumored to have gone into hiding somewhere.

The Godhold

4098 Mcd

The gods were intrinsically linked to the existence of Akara, and therefore could not be destroyed without destroying the planet itself. Therefore, the Elder Gods fabricated a mighty prison with the combined might of their unholy powers, and caused the earth to swallow the gods. This prison is the Godhold, and is sealed by ancient Chaos Matrices set upon discs of an alien, unholy metal. Their location remains a mystery, though they are said to be indestructible.

The Last Battle

4350 Mcd

It is in the Last Battle that the sacrifice of many was made. An intrepid band of explorers and a rag-tag army subdued ancient, powerful forces in an impossible battle. They were to provide distraction so the band of heroes could complete their vital quest. There were no survivors in this final battle.

The Banishing

4350 Mcd.

The Enclave, which was the group heading the assault, had sent a party consisting of the High Priest of Pelor, a ranger, a wizard, and a bard to perform the task of switching the seals on the Godhold while the main army distracted the Elder Gods. They were successful, but the success was not as intended. Instead of imprisoning the Elder Gods, and freeing the Firstborn, the Ancient Elder Gods were simply banished. At least this is the commonly accepted theory. The Firstborn remain imprisoned, and nothing is known of the whereabouts of the Ancient Elder Gods. Their followers still lurk in the shadows, and they are not powerless.

Post-Rift (4351 Mcd – Present)

Present Day (4559 Mcd)

Akara remains a shattered land, but is slowly rebuilding, though this effort is constantly threatened by unknowable forces. The gods remain imprisoned, and their clerics’ powers are greatly diminished. This has caused the faith of the people to wane greatly. Magic remains powerful, but certain areas cause it to act wildly, and is therefore outlawed. Ancient capitals have crumbled, and new ones have arisen. The races, while peaceful, are beginning to revert to their old mistrust.

What will be done remains to be scene. Perhaps some heroes shall restore Akara to her first glory? Perhaps the world will slip off the brink into Chaos…


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