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  • Session 0: Recap

    Session 0 went very well! The results were awesome and the food was too! Here's where we ended up: * *Tully* - Level 1 Half-Elven Druid Apothecary from the wilds of the Darkwood. ** *Theme Song:* _I am the Walrus_ - The Beatles * *Ginevefa* - …

  • Session 1: Thunder Over the Depths

    *Theme Songs:* ""Turn the Page":https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5heysinF1sw" - Bob Seger" *Party Members:* Genovefa, Ja'ron, and Tully *New NPCS:* Frotrix Goodsong (halfling rogue of the Enclave), Petalpaw (ferret), Izif Wajari (human Shanpuran …

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