Akara: Lands of Chaos

Session 0: Recap

Session 0

Session 0 went very well! The results were awesome and the food was too!

Here’s where we ended up:

  • Tully – Level 1 Half-Elven Druid Apothecary from the wilds of the Darkwood.
    • Theme Song: I am the Walrus – The Beatles
  • Ginevefa – Level 1 Halfing Cleric of Ashtoreth and Acolyte of the Traveller’s Abbey
    • Theme Song: Pocketful of Sunshine – Natasha Bedingfield
  • Ja’ron Greydusk – Level 1 Half-Drow Mageblade of Zamora, Folk-Hero of the downtrodden and oppressed of Bogbottom District.
    • Theme Song: Formation – Beyonce

The characters learned that they – after the many struggles that brought them to the present – had the distinct misfortune of being captive aboard a slaver’s ship.

It was stated that 100XP will be granted to the player who submits a background story of at least one page in length.



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