Akara: Lands of Chaos

Session 1: Thunder Over the Depths
Session 1

Theme Songs:Turn the Page” – Bob Seger"

Party Members: Genovefa, Ja’ron, and Tully

New NPCS: Frotrix Goodsong (halfling rogue of the Enclave), Petalpaw (ferret), Izif Wajari (human Shanpuran Council Mage), Amphitrion Typhos (merfolk prince), Addis Onxyarm (dwarf), Captain Sindriss Ma’lar (drow priestess of Lolth), First Mate Sengar Illistan (male drow/drider), Overseer Gazak (half-ogre)

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New Locations: The Akhutai, Sea of Dagon, Messantia, The Bitter Coast

New Items Acquired: unidentified jagged shard of emerald (cypher), unidentified strange piece of paper with arcane text, various armaments

The adventure begins with our heroes aboard Akhutai, a drow slave ship eastbound in Messantian waters. The exhausted adventurers catch a break when Frotrix Goodsong, a halfling, boards the ship clandestinely and begins to loose the bonds of the strangely passive slaves. She and her pet ferret Petalpaw release the adventurers, just in time, as the half-ogre overseer Gazak enters with murderous intent. Buying the slaves time with her life, Frotrix urges the adventurers to get themselves and the others to safety.

The slaves make a mad dash to the upper decks of the ship, only to find themselves in dire straits. There is a strange force field surrounding the ship, preventing their escape. Additionally, there are dozens of drow crossbows aimed their direction. Gazak returns with a vengeance, laying waste to all in his path. Many of the bewitched slaves passively accept their gruesome end. Deciding retreat to the lower decks a safer option, the party rushes into the bowels of the ship, overcoming the drow they come across in their urgency. The drow Ja’ron Greydusk proves himself a master of both blade and spell, much to his foes anguish.

They encounter the mage Izif Wajari in the lower decks, who informs them that he is held prisoner by the drow in order to perform horrific experimentations upon the slaves of the ship. He says the drow are seeking to find a way to enhance themselves magically by making themselves amphibious. He agrees to aid the travelers in exchange for the rescue of his hostage family on the strange island of Tortage, far to the north. He also shows them the location of their possessions, which they promptly acquire. It was at this time that the expected Messantian attack began, cannonballs tearing through the hull of the ship, our heroes narrowly avoiding death with their quick reflexes.

The lower decks of the Akhutai are full of surprises. The druid Tully Whippoorwilll came across the merfolk Amphitrion Typhos, who was imprisoned within the barge’s bilge. The desperate merfolk begged for aid and the druid happily obliged. Cleverly avoiding conflict with Giant Crabs in the bilge, the adventurers continued their mad dash through the ship. They came to the officers’ quarters, where they happened upon a secret compartment. Within they found a teleportation pad and a strange note with strange glyphs. They also discovered an interesting jagged piece of emerald. Many mysteries lay within. However, the merfolk and the cannonballs were conspiring to sink the ship, and so the party decided that Akhutai was no longer the place they wished to be.

Racing topside, they encountered the Captain of the vessel Sindriss Ma’lar and her First-Mate Sengar. The Captain is a priestess of the Spider Goddess of the drow, Lolth, and does not take kindly to the failure of her inferior male subordinate. She turns him into a drider – a horrific cross between a giant spider and drow – which then chases the party back belowdecks. Through group effort, and some deadly macework by the halfling cleric of Ashteroth. After Ginevefa calls upon her deity for healing, the party returns topside to discover the wizard Izif engaged in a contest of wills with the drow priestess.

It was at this time the ship decided to explode. The explosion hurls the adventurers to sea, and the wizard keeps his promise of aid, his mental voice echoing in their minds, reminding them to keep their oath. After a vicious struggle to reach the shore (with some help from their new merfolk ally), they finally collapse upon the strand, and are approached by a very distraught-looking dwarf.

Session 0: Recap
Session 0

Session 0 went very well! The results were awesome and the food was too!

Here’s where we ended up:

  • Tully – Level 1 Half-Elven Druid Apothecary from the wilds of the Darkwood.
    • Theme Song: I am the Walrus – The Beatles
  • Ginevefa – Level 1 Halfing Cleric of Ashtoreth and Acolyte of the Traveller’s Abbey
    • Theme Song: Pocketful of Sunshine – Natasha Bedingfield
  • Ja’ron Greydusk – Level 1 Half-Drow Mageblade of Zamora, Folk-Hero of the downtrodden and oppressed of Bogbottom District.
    • Theme Song: Formation – Beyonce

The characters learned that they – after the many struggles that brought them to the present – had the distinct misfortune of being captive aboard a slaver’s ship.

It was stated that 100XP will be granted to the player who submits a background story of at least one page in length.

Session 0: Prep Session
Character Generation, World Introduction

Session 0 will be used to roll characters, explain the world, explain character connections (if any), and otherwise familiarize ourselves with the campaign and the characters.


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